Top 10 Playboy Styles

We love being able to offer our customers licensed Playboy styles!  But with so many great options, it can be hard to know what to choose.  Many stores don't have the space to carry the full line and our online retailers have tights space in their warehouses.  So if you can't carry everything, be sure to focus on the best selling styles.  We have put together the Top 10 List for Playboy so as you plan your store or warehouse, you know to make room for these!  If you'd like to place an order for these, or any other styles, just give us a call!!  

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ILS: International Lingerie Show

We're back in Las Vegas for another great ILS: International Lingerie Show!  We've got exciting new styles on display, including some deluxe licensed items that we've been working on.  Swing by our booth to see the new line or to simply introduce yourself!  

Celebrity Sightings!

We LOVE seeing celebs in our costumes! Check out everyone’s favorite Girl Next Door, Bridget Marquart celebrating St Patrick’s Day in our Lucky Lass costume. This fun and festive costume comes complete with a jacket, dress, belt and mini top hat. Adorable dog not included.

As a fan of Delicious, keep an eye out for Bridget in more of our holiday themed attire!  We also love images of our fans!  So if you've got a Delicious of NY costume you'd like to show off, send us a photo on facebook or instagram!

Top 20 Styles!

If you're new to the business, it can be tough to know where to start as you plan your inventory and start placing orders.  What do your customers want?  What colors sell the most quickly?  Should you buy the Princess or the Pirate?

 To help you out, we have compiled our Top 20 List to help give you a great place to begin!  These 20 styles were our best selling costumes for the 2014 season and we received great feedback regarding sell-through, fit, and shelf appeal.   So take a deep breath, we've done the hard part for you!  Now all you need to decide... how many of each?

If you need more information about any of these styles, you can view them in detail in our catalog.  Or use the search bar  to the left to quickly find your favorites.  Be sure to contact us if you have questions about placing an order!

Beauty Comes in All Sizes!

Did you know that the average American woman is a size 14? It’s true! With that in mind, Delicious is delighted to introduce even more styles into the Extra Delicious Plus Size Collection. We’ve done extensive research and are happy to offer a variety of new designs that are well fitted, fashion forward and actually flatter a fuller figure. At Delicious we want to promote positive body image regardless of size. Customers have curves and we embrace those curves!

Check out some recent behind the scene photos from one of our Extra Delicious Photo Shoots! As you can see, we’ve photographed each costume on a plus size model to make the costume more relatable to the consumer.

Specially designed to fit sizes 16 to 20, stay tuned for more Extra Delicious Plus Size news!

Behind the Scenes!

We love working on new designs in out New York sample studio.  Check out some behind the scenes photos of how the process works!  We start with sketching out new concepts, then our designers get to work on selecting fabrics and making the patterns.  From there, we work with out sampling department to have the costumes sewn.  

After that, it's time to check the fit and get ready for the photo shoot!  Be sure to check back for more fun updates and follow us on social media to see the latest!

Delicious of New York Rebrands Division, Unveils New Website and Logo

 MELVILLE, NY (February 17, 2015) – Delicious of New York, a division of Rubie’s Costume Company Inc. is prepping for the future by making numerous forward-thinking announcements to take the division to the next level. The new 2015 Delicious of New York Collection will include higher-end costumes and more mass appealing characters that customers have grown to love with Rubie’s. The new rebranding efforts will also include the introduction of high-end licensed products such as Super Girl, Bat Girl, Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman. These popular licensed characters will be featured in the Delicious of New York Deluxe Collection.

Building on the success Rubie’s has had with these licenses, Delicious plans to execute premium designs that will be packaged in garment bags, showcasing their intricate detailing and plush fabrics. Based on consumer demand and trends Delicious will continue to grow the collection so each and every beloved character will be accessible in the future. Moving forward, all Delicious products will be available under Rubie’s discount programs.

In addition, Delicious is thrilled to announce the unveiling of a newly revamped website and logo. The new logo conveys a more modern interpretation of the brands identity and the user-friendly website features the entire costume collection along with company news, upcoming events, sizing charts and industry trends.

“The goal is to elevate the division by providing customers with sophisticated options at affordable prices.” said Patty Gatto, Delicious of New York National Sales Director. ”The industry has shifted gears in recent years but with an upcoming Saturday Halloween there will be a tremendous growth in adult participation so we adapted our upcoming collections accordingly. The new styles and rebranding of Delicious are specially designed to reflect the growing market among young female adults.”

The entire 2015 Delicious of New York Costume Collection made its debut at the Halloween & Party Expo in New Orleans, LA.

About Us 

Delicious of New York, a division of Rubie's Costume Company, Inc. is an international designer, manufacturer and wholesaler of Halloween costumes and accessories for the contemporary female adult. Delicious provides top-quality costumes that are inspired by NYC's Fashion district, designed by Fashion Avenue trained designers, pattern-makers and fabric buyers. Offering over 150 unique designs and world renowned licenses, Delicious also offers plus size styles as well as an Ultra-Deluxe Collection and other holiday themed costumes, as people around the globe celebrate Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas and more.  For more information please call 516-326-1500 or visit 


A New Year Bring New Styles and New Opportunities!

To kick things off, Delicious has strategically rebranded the line to include higher-end costumes, more mass appealing characters and new licensed styles that customers have grown to love with Rubie's.  The ultra-deluxe collection will incorporate a variety of popular licenses such as Marvel, DC Comics, Stars Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wizard of Oz, Ghostbusters, and many more.

Building on the success Rubie's has had with these licenses, it is our goal to execute fashion-forward, high quality designs that will be in specially packaged garment bags, showcasing their intricate detailing and plush fabrics.  Based on consumer demand and trends we plan to grow the collection so each and every beloved character will be accessible in the future.

The entire Delicious of New York Collection, including the new licensed styles will continue to offer sophisticated designs and body conscious silhouettes.  In addition, we've expanded the Extra-Delicious Plus-Size Collection so our fuller figure customers have a broader selection of styles that will flatter their shape and size.

Our vast selection of costumes also extends beyond Halloween to other special occasions, as people around the globe celebrate Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, themed parties, and more.  And to capture the authenticity of each character, Delicious will once again offer coordinating accessories to complete the overall look from head to toe.

As we look forward to a Saturday Halloween, the opportunities are endless for girls to look their best in something special by Delicious!